Our Programs

We are committed to being a blessing in the lives of every half-life individual, to be a tool in God’s hand; changing lives.

Humanitarian Missions

Seeth a man diligent in his works, his gifts shall make ways for him. COMPASSION In Jesus Name UK, an International Charity in the UK with the mission of releasing children from poverty, identified the efforts of Babatunde Loye within the community, requested and sponsored him to be part of their current mission to Uganda.

Support For The Physically

Challenged People

BL Foundation also focuses on physically challenged people. We provide disability aids, as well as physical care. We are committed to ensuring that people have independence and control over their lives, and are treated with dignity and respect at all times. Mr. Babatunde Loye, the Chairman, has worked and supported so many disability organisations such as Pamela Douglas Foundation, Mobility Help for Disabled People, Star Children Initiative, Disabled People Organization and many others.

Youth Empowerment Scheme

Mr. Babatunde Loye, the Chairman of BL Foundation, has been actively involved in the creation of jobs opportunities for over 300 people in the insurance industry. His motivational approach to training and support has turned around the lives of many in the Nigerian community in the UK.